newresoluti0n (newresoluti0n) wrote in astrocompatible,

what can you tell me about our relationship?

so i finally got a boyfriend i really enjoy spending time with. 5 hours a day just doesn't do it. i want to be with him at all times! which is very strange because i usually get bored quickly and need a lot of space. i used to get with certain guys just because i could. but this year, i made myself the promise that i would only be commited in a relationship if i REALLY digged the guy.. i've been dating this guy since late january of this year. i have been seeing him at least 2-5 times a week since. [please take under consideration that my parents are strict, otherwise i'd be on that shit 24/7] we finally made it official on march 1st. everything is amazing. the chemistry is certainly there. we don't lack communication at all. we can talk about ANYTHING/EVERYTHING. i think the only bad thing [which isn't even THAT BAD really] is the fact that their are some little jealousy issues. using our both our birth charts, what is obvious about our relationship? i'm the gemini, and he's the pisces. [unfortunately the time of his birth is unknown]

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