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hello all [n00b post]

Hey, what's going on? ^^ Just looking around and came across this community. I recently became really interested in astrology. In terms of relationships, I'm not in one, but that would be the problem : D I don't know what it is, I have a great set of friends, but romantically, I scare people off like the plague X 3  [Not that I have a problem with being single ; ) ] A good friend of mine said my aura is too strong X D, but I thought I'd ask about it here. 

My stats: 
-Born April 20th. [Aries/Taurus cuspian?]
-Rising sign: Libra
-Moon: Picies

And that is about all I know. I got this chart dealy too, if that helps:


Anything you can tell me is greatly appreciated ^^
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