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Interpreting Two (Oddball) Lover's Charts: Can Someone Help Me Out Here?

Hello all.

I'm (Virgo--though, somehow, quite influenced by Leo traits *much* more than Virgo...) currently with a guy whom I adore (Cancer), and we've been together for just over a year now. But the funny thing is, we are SO opposite in SO many ways (which often causes problems with us). In fact, I think it's safe to say that we have more OUT of common than IN. We also have a problem communicating at times (more on his end--he's very shy/not outspoken/unexpressive, and I wear my heart on my sleeve/speak very freely...)

But the funny thing is: despite all these differences and difficulties communicating--there is just...something that initially (and continues)to "hold" us together. We were initially (and continue to be) very attracted to one another, and we enjoy being in eachother's company. There is just...something...that doesn't allow us to "let go" of one another easily. We get under eachother's skin, somehow. Again, yes--even DESPITE all these (sometimes urgent) differences and difficulties communicating we often have...

Now, I am very confused by this and am wondering if a) we are just kidding ourselves/have next to NO compatibility/should just give up and go our seperate ways or b) are indeed somehow compatible and astrologically connected, albeit in a very challenging and fascinating way....

Could anyone here who can read charts help me understand things better?



Seriously. I would really, REALLY appreciate any help any of you fine, astrologically-gifted people in this community can offer--I truly am baffled by this situation, so am eager to have even the smallest bit of light shed on this personally confusing topic....

Thanks so much in advance!
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