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Aries and Scorpio together update

Hey everyone! I wrote in this blog a few months ago inquiring about me (aries) and my partner (scorpio) compatibility. I was scared as shit going into the relationship because aries/scorp is supposed to be one of the most volatile, don't EVER go there sun sign combos in astrology. Let me tell you...don't EVER, EVER go there!! Even with both of us having nice libra risings and grounded earth moons, the end was like war of the worlds. The sex is the best you could ever have (an awesome one night stand pairing?) but emotionally it is hell...from the aries point of view scorpio is too restrictive because they always are trying to control everything, and Scorpio secrecy, while sexy, is annoying because an aries never knows what the hell is going on or what scorpio wants!! lol Has anyone else ventured down the horrific aries/scorpio volcano? I would be interested to get the scorpio perspective on this pairing...?
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